Zwei Tage Zeit Festival für improvisierte Musik


Samstag, 23 Januar 2016
19.30 Uhr

Frédéric Blondy, Klavier
Bertrand Denzler, Tenorsaxophon
Jean-Luc Guionnet, Altsaxophon
Jean-Sébastien Mariage, Gitarre
Edward Perraud, Perkussion


Das Quintett HUBBUB wurde 1999 gegründet und hat seither Dutzende von Konzerten in Europa und Nordamerika gespielt, sowie 4 CDs herausgegeben; die erste auf For4Ears und drei weitere auf Matchless Recordings.

Über die Musik der Gruppe hat Daniel Spicer im Wire geschrieben: «Imagine the opening fanfare of Strauss’s Thus Spake Zarathustra slowed down so it takes a year to play. A similar feeling of weightless anticipation can be found in the longform improvisations generated by this Franco-Swiss quintet. Using the quotidian line-up of piano, saxophones, guitar and drums they build a tectonically slow electroacoustic billow of low drones, fragile harmonics, and ringing metallic scrapes, that feels like it’s constantly on the verge of doing something decisive. In this state of heightened suspense, a small, nakedly acoustic sound such as a single piano note or the sigh of a gently struck cymbal becomes a preternaturally significant event, like a quiet tap at the window terrifying a nervy Edgar Allan Poe character."

Hubbub ist in Frankreich, England, Belgien, Schweiz, Canada, USA, Portugal, Serbien, Österreich und Deutschland aufgetreten.

Festivals: Pied Nu (Le Havre), Akouphène (Genf), As Alike As Trees (London), La Triennale (Paris), Other Jazz (La Chaux-de-Fonds), Total Meeting (Tours), Kaleidophon (Ulrichsberg), Muzzix (Lille), Ring Ring (Belgrad), Territoire Sonore (Pau), Météo (Mulhouse), 10 ans Carré Bleu (Poitiers), Jazz em Agosto (Lissabon), Rue du Nord (Lausanne), Automne Improvisé (Fribourg), All’Improvista (Nantes), VTO (Toronto ON), FIMAV (Victoriaville QC), Musiques de Création (Jonquière QC), NPAI (Parthenay), Jazz à Luz (Luz-Saint-Sauveur), Luisances (Brest), Fruits de Mhère (Brassy), Freedom of the City (London), Musique et Quotidien Sonore (Albi), Densités (Fresnes-en-Woëvre), Chants Mécaniques (Tourcoing), Archimède 00 (Bordeaux) usw.



Clubs: Exploratorium (Berlin), Cave 12 (Genf), Eglise Saint-Merry (Paris), Café Oto (London), Instants Chavirés (Montreuil), Café du Soleil (Saignelégier), Petit Faucheux (Tours), The Rag Factory (London), La Malterie (Lille), Radio-France (Paris), La Fabrica'Son (Malakoff), Musée d'Art Moderne et Contemporain (Strasbourg), La Spirale (Fribourg), Petit Théâtre Mercelis (Brüssel), Goldsmiths College (London), Théâtre du Saulcy (Metz), Carré Bleu (Poitiers), ENM (Mulhouse), Pannonica (Nantes), Deep Listening Space (Kingston NY), Flywheel (Easthampton MA), Artists-at-Large-Gallery (Hyde Park MA), Atelier Tampon (Paris), Le Vauban (Brest), Conway Hall (London), Le Grand Mix (Tourcoing), Cave Dîmière (Argenteuil), CCAM (Vandoeuvre-lès-Nancy), Thelonious (Bordeaux), Théâtre sur le Pavé (Paris), Sept Lézards (Paris) usw.

«They are about as “tight” a group as can probably be found in this vague area of improvisation right now, featuring five musicians who are each thoroughly experienced and skilled with their selected instruments, but also seem to play and think together with exceptional harmony. The music they make just all seems to flow together with incredible ease. It does, in fact, often sound composed. Listening closely is an intense experience. Its like following a pot of water closely as it comes to the boil,an overall mass of activity resulting in one cohesive impact, but each little bubble, tiny hiss, fluctuation in the water’s surface a joy to study when separated from everything else.» - Richard Pinnell, The Watchful Ear

«Experimental: minimal improvised ambient, noise, pseudo-industrial. Tweaks, squeaks and drones (few beeps and clicks), in two long tracks. I don’t know what in it appeals to me, but it did! Check it out. Extra-cool stuff. Weird shit these guys can do with guitar, saxes, piano and percussion.» - More